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Ring road project to start in Ghorahi sub metropolis

Published on : 2 October, 2020 9:03 am

Kathmandu : Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan City has forwarded the construction of ring road project.

The map of the ring road has been amended as the old map has not accommodated all wards of the sub metropolis, said spokesperson for the sub metropolis Bharat Aryal.

Bidding would be announced in a few days and the project is expected to be completed within the current fiscal year, 2020/21, he said. The road would be 12 meters and the project is estimated to be approximately Rs 200 million.

In the first phase, the construction would start at the sub metropolis-18 as per the amended map, he said. The construction would expand to Banskholi, Salghari, Ambapur, Masina, Githepani, Ranijaruwa and Barhakune, he said, adding that in this regard, discussions were underway with the respective villages.

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