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People’s Housing Programme becoming effective in Dang

Published on : 2 October, 2020 9:02 am

Kathmandu : People’s Housing Programme launched by the government is becoming effective in Dang district.

More than 100 houses are being constructed annually in recent years. A total of 1,420 houses have been constructed till the Fiscal Year 2019/20. The programme was launched 10 years ago.

A total of 1,153 houses have been built and already been handed over to poor people within previous fiscal year. Programme Officer Sher Bahadur KC said that 267 houses were constructed in fiscal year 2019/20 and handed over to the people.

He further said that nine houses were handed over to people from Kusunda community, 70 houses to people from Gandharva community, 69 houses to people from Badi community and 1,019 houses to people from Dalit community.

All 267 houses constructed in 2019/20 were handed over to Dalit community. The government has been constructing houses to the people from poor background, Dalit and marginalized community under the people’s housing programme and distributing houses to them.

Activities are underway to construct houses and handover them to the people from Kusunda, Gandharva, Badi and Dalit communities in Dang district. The programme has now been launched under Urban Development and Building Construction Office, Ghorahi, of State-5, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development.

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