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Gandaki State to constitute 25-member sports council

Published on : 2 October, 2020 8:54 am

Kathmandu : The Gandaki State Assembly has passed the State Sports Development Bill-2020, opening up avenues for the constitution of the State Sports Council. The State Assembly on Wednesday enacted the sports bill registered by the Gandaki State government for the protection, preservation, development of sports at state level.

The enacted bill would come in force once the State Chief certifies it. Minister for Social Development Naradevi Pun Magar said the state sports council would be set up for the development, expansion, promotion and research works related to sports at the sub-national level.

Minister Pun expressed her belief that the new sports act would contribute to promote national unity in the country through the medium of sports, produce healthy, competent and disciplined athletes and creative citizens and promote professionalism of the sports persons.

According to the enacted bill, the Minister for Social Development or Minister of State would chair the 25-member sports council including a vice-chairperson from among the special contributors to the sports. The executive director of the State Sports Council would be the member-secretary.

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