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Public aspirations would materialize soon: NCP chair Dahal

Published on : 19 September, 2020 5:44 pm

Kathmandu : Nepal Communist Party (NCP) chair and former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ said the incumbent government would further expedite development projects to live up to the public aspirations in the remaining tenure.

In his video message today on the occasion of the Constitution Day-2020, he also expressed the confidence that the national unity and independence would gradually consolidate in the days to come.

“Some epochal achievements have been made during the tenure from the end of national independence and unity. There has been shared resolution from the Nepali people, political parties, civil society and intellectuals to resolve the border issues and return our territory by integrating it into our boundary”, Chairperson Dahal said.

“It incorporates a happy indication for future”, he claimed, expressing his belief that the historical opportunity of the Constitution Day would help us take up new resolution for national unity, peace and prosperity”, Dahal noted.

He also called for one and all sides to join hands for realizing the aspiration of national unity and prosperity. “We are heading towards infrastructure development but we have listened to the public complaints that their aspirations for rapid economic growth, social justice and prosperity have not been fully realized”.

The former prime minister also said that they are moving ahead with commitment to make the fight against Coronavirus pandemic further effective by consociating our party strengths.

Referring the constitution-making through the Constituent Assembly as a political event of historical importance, he said the long-cherished dream of the Nepali people was materialized through the journey of people’s war, 12-point comprehensive peace accord and historical people’s movement though the agenda of constitution-making through the CA emerged since 1950 AD (2007 BS).

He recalled that the promulgation of the federal democratic republic constitution was made through the second edition of the CA. “Now we are in the process of translating the principles, norms and values reflected in the Nepal Constitution into practice.

This is a big revolutionary change resulted from political movements since it had set a journey to republic from monarchy, federalism, inclusion and proportional representation from unitary state system and secularism from religious relativity”.

“We have come a long tardy road to achieve many. I feel delighted as a character to perennially struggle for the emancipation of the general Nepali people and lead the movement to that end”, the chairperson said.

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