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Constitution a window to look at a nation: CM Poudel

Published on : 19 September, 2020 5:47 pm

Kathmandu: Chief Minister of Bagmati State Dormani Poudel has said that the constitution was not only the fundamental law but also a window to look at the nation.

Talking to RSS here today on the occasion of the Constitution Day today, CM Poudel argued that the constitution was not merely the compilation of letters but the national law where political system, form of governance, allocation of power, checks and balance and other aspects of the nation are clearly defined.

He argued that the Constitution of Nepal was historical drafted by the people’s representatives for the first time in the history of Nepal. CM Poudel also said that he wanted to pay his great homage to those who sacrificed their lives in different political movements to establish the federal republic system in the country.

“The constitution was historic in restructuring the state and bring about a change in form of governance in the country,” Poudel added.
He was of the view that Nepal’s constitution is one of the best in the world as it has addressed the issues of inclusiveness and representation of all sectors aiming to end all sorts of social discrimination and injustices.

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