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Grade 12 exams: online examinations to be held for 40 marks

Published on : 16 September, 2020 6:04 pm

Kathmandu: Examination for 40 marks out of the 100 full marks of Grade 12 would now be held online. The Grade 12 examination was stalled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The National Examination Board (NEB) has recommended to the government to administer online examination for 40 marks, practical examinations for 20 marks and converting the total marks obtained by a student in Grade 11 for the remaining 40 marks, out of 100 full marks. NEB took this decision in the context of the increasing risk of coronavirus infection, it is stated.

This decision would be implemented after the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology presents a proposal on this mixed examination system and it gets approval from the Council of Ministers.

An official at the Ministry said the government will take a decision on it soon. The government has already issued the Student Learning Facilitation Guidelines-2077 with the provision of those not having internet access can use other means of information technology.

Talking to RSS today, Examination Controller of the Board, Krishna Prasad Sharma, shared that the schedule of online exam for 40 marks would be made public preparing necessary work procedure and question paper after the government takes decision on this alternative if other alternatives did not become possible.

Though students have to complete the exam within the determined time from their own places, they have facility to use books and other sources. It will be a type of open exam as there will no exam centre, supervisors and security personnel. The examination scheduled for April 20 was postponed due to lockdown imposed from March 24.

A total of 432,000 students have filled up form for examination. The Board issuing a notice on September 11 has urged the students to provide details of migration within seven days if the students have migrated to other districts from the districts they were studying in due to coronavirus pandemic or other reasons.

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