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Plasma bank set up for treatment of critical COVID-19 patients

Published on : 11 September, 2020 6:02 pm

Kathmandu: The Regional Blood Transmission Centre Bharatpur has started setting up a plasma bank for coronavirus infected people. Centre’s Chief Ramesh Kanta Poudel shared the Centre has collected fresh blood of four coronavirus-recovered patients for depositing plasma.

Two units of the plasma have been applied to a COVID-19 patient, he added. Remaining ‘O’ and ‘B’ blood group plasma have been kept in ready condition if needed. Blood groups ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘O’ and ‘AB’ are applied to the human body. Poudel shared that preparation is underway to deposit at least five unit plasma of the four blood groups.

The Centre has expedited its preparation to identify the corona-recovered people in and around Chitwan district and request for plasma donation. The Bharatpur Hospital, Chitwan Medical College and Old Medical College have been providing coronavirus disease treatment in Chitwan.

Coronavirus patients from across the country are coming to the hospitals in the district for the treatment.

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