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36 road projects under construction in Karnali state

Published on : 9 September, 2020 5:22 pm

Kathmandu: Karnali state government has accelerated road expansion and upgrading task this year. A total of 36 road projects of Birendranagar are in implementation under Physical Infrastructure Development Ministry’s Infrastructure Development Directorate.

Engineer at the Directorate Surya Shahi said that road construction task is being carried out under the State Capital Urban Road, People Road Package. Construction of all road projects is underway from June after the state government provided ‘special pass’ to the projects. Construction of road projects was obstructed due to coronavirus pandemic.

Engineer Shahi shared that a target has been set to complete the construction of all under- construction projects at a cost of Rs 378 million within the current fiscal year.

Though the construction activities were obstructed for three months due to lockdown, works to gravel the roads are on, he added.

The state government has set a target to blacktop 25 kilometres road in Surkhet this year.

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