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Far-Western University to take exams online

Published on : 7 September, 2020 5:38 pm

Kathmandu. The Far-Western University is at work to administer online exams of various programmes under Bachelor’s and Master’s degree on September 28 and onwards. The exams were halted due to global COVID-19 pandemic.

As per the preparation, halted examinations of various programmes are scheduled to take place online on September 28, said Vice Chancellor of the university Prof Dr Ambar Raj Joshi.

“It seems the infection will not be gone sooner. So we are at work to move ahead educational activities by taking precautions,” he said. The procedure to hold the examinations on September 28 has been passed, he said.

“Respective colleges under the university including its 14 constituent campuses have been informed of the decision. Students have been also informed accordingly.”

An information technology centre would be set up for students taking the exams who do not have internet access, he said. “In this regard, a discussion with Nepal Telecom has taken place. All activities related to the university will be put in university’s website,” he said.

Likewise, the University has issued the Examination Operation, Management and Evaluation Directive, 2077.

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