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VIN Successfully Completed 64 COVID-19 Prevention Campaign

Published on : 2 September, 2020 8:05 am

Kathmandu. Volunteers Initiative Nepal( VIN) has organized 64 different COVID-19 Prevention Participatory Behavior Change Awareness Education and Capacity Building Campaigns in the rural communities of Kathmandu and Okhaldhunga districts. 1911 families benefited from the campaigns.

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, VIN has been conducting participatory behavior change awareness and capacity building campaigns in Siddhicharan Municipality of Okhaldhunga and Tarakeshwor of Kathmandu districts from 23rd of June 2020 to till date.

A total of 64 campaigns have been conducted, a maximum of 3 campaigns per day with 25-30 participants in each session strictly following government COVID protocols. In total, 1911 households benefited from the campaign. VIN also trained 27 women from Okhaldhunga in making liquid hand wash.

“The objective of the campaign was to make people aware on COVID-19 and build up their capacity to prevent the infection. And most of our community people do not have access to accurate information due to unreliable sources – people are seen following harmful practices many times. Hence, the campaign was conducted to ensure healthy behavior in preventing COVID 19. The community people are oriented with the truths and facts related to coronavirus disease.” said the President of VIN Bhupi Ghimire.

WHAT AND HOW did VIN run the campaign

VIN made a COVID 19 response team led by Dr Laxmi (Public Health Expert and Program Manager) with three other staff. The Campaign was done in four steps. First, they had a coordination meeting and presented the model of campaign to the key stakeholders. Second, VIN had community awareness with group of women and Dalit. Third, they donated COVID 19 prevention materials to health centers, ward offices, security offices and the participants. Finally they trained the active women group to make liquid hand wash for future demand.

They used their existing contacts with women groups and Dalit groups for the communication and coordination of the campaign. The group leaders were in continuous communication with the campaign facilitators for proper coordination. At the venue, seating positions were marked ensuring distance before the arrival of participants. On arrival, their temperatures were checked and hand sanitizer was provided along with face masks. A pamphlet was also given to each participant with information on COVID-19. The awareness session was facilitated by Dr. Laxmi.

At the end of the session, each participant received a bottle of hand wash. They were also informed that the women will be trained on hand wash making and would be available at a community affordable price.

A total of 64 campaigns were organized in 5 wards. In total, 1911 participants representing each household were presented in the campaign. 27women received liquid hand wash making training.

The following were the major outcomes of the campaign: the observers were very keen to learn and practise the preventive measures to keep themselves safe from the viral infection. Increased awareness about COVID-19 diseases among the participants.

Participants realized the need, and committed to practice social and physical distancing. Familiarity with the 6-steps hand-washing technique. People recognized the importance of locally available herbs and nutritious food that could boost their immunity.

The differences between PCR testing and RDT testing was clarified to all. After the session, participants were very thankful towards VIN for carrying out the campaign and spreading mindfulness among people.

The women participants learnt how to make liquid handwash by themselves and can make some money. This will ensure the availability of the sanitation resources.

Some Pictures Of The Campaign :

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