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Infected woman gives birth to twins

Published on : 29 August, 2020 5:49 pm

Kathmandu. A woman, who had tested positive to Corona Virus, gave birth to twins at the Bharatpur hospital on Friday. A resident of Gorkha, she was admitted to the hospital on August 24. The 37-year-old was confirmed positive to Corona Virus two days later.

She gave birth with the help of C-section and both the mother and the twin babies are in a normal condition, said Dr Ram Prasad Sapkota of the hospital. Every possible effort is being made to ensure that the infection does not spread from the new mother to her twin sons.

The Bharatpur hospital has made separate provisions for maternity services for the pregnant women infected with corona virus, said information officer Liladhar Poudel. This is the second time that an infected woman has undergone C-section delivery at the hospital.

After the maternity hospital in Kathmandu, Bharatpur hospital is the hospital providing the highest number of delivery cases in the country.

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