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Govt directs hospital to send COVID-19 patients without symptoms home

Published on : 26 August, 2020 5:57 pm

Kathmandu. The Ministry of Health and Population has directed all the COVID-19 Specialty Hospitals to send COVID-19 infected persons showing no symptoms and in normal condition to their respective homes.

The Health Emergency Operation Centre under the Ministry wrote to all the Ministries of Social Development in seven States and COVID-19 Specialty Hospitals instructing them to conduct PCR test on the infected ones admitted to hospitals on the 10th day and send them home within 14 days if they were showing no symptoms and were in normal condition, according to Ministry’s Spokesperson Dr Jageshwar Gautam.

Dr Gautam shared, “The Ministry has instructed every COVID-19 Special Hospitals to discharge those COVID-19 infected patients who are not showing any symptoms and are in normal condition.
Furthermore, those tested positive for the Corona virus again in 10th day PCR test be sent home within 14 days, according to him.

Since the first COVID-19 case that was reported in Nepal on January 23, the COVID-19 caseload has reached 34,418 till date. Among them the number of actively infected ones stands at 14,739. A total of 175 deaths have been recorded from this deadly infection as of today.

Altogether 19,504 COVID-19 persons have been fully recovered and discharged from hospital. Gautam further added that if the COVID-19 patients were kept in hospital for more than 14 days, they will not be admitted in the hospital anymore.

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