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The Race to Illuminate the NEA

Published on : 22 August, 2020 10:01 am

Lavesh Pyakurel. Kathmandu. With the 4-year tenure coming to an end for Nepal Electricity Authority’s managing director Kul Man Ghising, questions are arising about his reappointment. Ghising became a hero for the public after he played a huge role in making the country load-shedding free.

With his tenure coming to an end, the tug-of-war for the position has already started in the NEA. But with the huge amount of public support that Ghising has been receiving, especially on social media supporting the reappointment of Ghising for another term, the questions remains whether Ghising will be reappointed?

Ghising has also been receiving immense support from the Nepal Electricity Authority Employees Union, as they have also formally demanded Ghising’s reappointment saying that NEA has made great progress under the leadership of Ghising in the last four years.

During the 35th-anniversary celebration of NEA on August 20, the chairman of the Nepal Electricity Authority Employees Union RameshworPoudel said, “Four years ago, we employees would be embarrassed to walk in NEA uniforms. Now I am in a position to be proud of the fact that I am an employee of NEA.

As this has come to be possible under the leadership of Kul Man Ghising, I expect the government to make an evaluation.” Also at the program, Narayan Gyawali, president of the Federation of Community Electricity Consumers, said that the current team of NEA should be allowed to work as they have managed to end the 14-hour load shedding.

Many officials of the authority also agree to a possibility of his reappointment however no one is sure of it. Along with the current and former officials of NEA, other government officials are also in the race for the seat of the Executive Director. Some office-seekers have also increased meetings with leaders close to the prime minister. The chances of Ghising repeating are low when looking at the candidates who have joined the NEA.

A major candidate that has been in discussions is Chief Executive Officer of the Reconstruction Authority, Sushil Gyawali. Even though has denied the claims through social media saying that he is not in the race the speculations of him trying to lead the power have not faded yet. Another candidate who wants to come under the leadership of NEA is the Director-General of the Power Development Department, Navin Singh.

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Singh, who has been accused of manipulating the distribution of licenses for various hydropower projects, was removed due to poor performance, but somehow he was able to return to the power development department. There are rumours that he is trying to persuade a leader to lead the Nepal Electricity Authority.

Former executive and deputy executive directors of NEA are also willing to return to NEA. It is rumoured that MukeshKafle, the former executive director or his trusted former deputy executive director Sher Singh Bhatmay also be a part of the race. However, Bhat has made it clear in public that he is not in the race.

Ghising himself has expressed his desire to run the authority for another term if the government gives him the responsibility again.

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