Tuesday 21st May 2024

Woman rescued from forced sex trade

Published on : 12 August, 2020 5:19 pm

A Nepali woman who was allegedly subjected to flesh trade after being trafficked to India from Kathmandu a year ago has been rescued and send back to home. The rescue was possible with the help of Rescue Foundation run by Afanta Nepal.

It is revealed that she was forced into sex trade by her ‘husband’ and another woman named Pooja after she was taken to Malaviya Nagar, New Delhi. According to Afanta Nepal’s Nabin Joshi, her so called husband turned to be an agent for women trafficking and forced her into the flesh trade by showing his ‘artificial love and care’.

The man would keep all her income. The woman later came to realize of being caught in the trafficking. Now she has been put in home quarantine. As said by Aafanta Nepal’s counsellor Laxmi Bista who was directly involved in the rescue, the woman was mentally disturbed.

It is believed that she was administered several non-prescribed drugs and she requires further counselling and care to overcome the trauma. —

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