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Darchula reports 30 rape cases in four years

Published on : 5 August, 2020 6:12 pm

Darchula, the district in Sudurpaschim state, reported 30 cases of rape and attempted rape against women and girls in the past four years. According to the District Police Office, Darchula, most perpetrators are from within the circles of families, relatives and are known to the victims.

The cases of rape against girls and women are on the rise in the recent years in the district. Still many cases remain unreported to the police as they are settled covertly within the families and society, it is said. Police Inspector Bhaskar Chand said the majority of the victims are girls.

During the fiscal year 2072-73 BS (2015-16), three cases of rape and two cases of attempted rape had been recorded in the district followed by five rape cases in the fiscal year 2074-75 BS, five rape and two attempted rape cases in the fiscal year 2075-76 BS and eight rape and six attempted rape cases in the last fiscal year.

Similarly, many incidents of rape, sexual harassment and violence against women in the rural areas remain unreported to the police as the society still does not feel comfortable and get ready to speak about and against these crimes against women openly.

Some (alleged) victims of rape and sexual harassment have yet to gather courage to seek help of police and court as they fear of being stigmatised in the society and are enduring the pain silence, according to INSEC.

Despite the presence of a judicial committee at the local level, there is no encouraging situation for the survivors to seek justice confidently.

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