Friday 17th May 2024

Chief Minister Poudel extends best wishes on Bakar Eid

Published on : 1 August, 2020 6:14 pm

Chief Minister of Bagmati State government, Dormani Poudel, has expressed confidence that the Islamic festival of Bakar Eid will inspire one and all to be strongly committed to the prosperity campaign.

In a message on the occasion of the Bakar Eid (Eid-el Ajaha) today, Chief Minister Poudel stated that tolerance, co-existence, mutual respect, feeling of brotherhood and unity amidst diversity has been in existence as the Nepalis’ identity since centuries.

The constitution has also accepted this diversity. “I extend hearty best wishes for happiness, peace and prosperity of all the followers of Islam within the country and abroad on the occasion of Bakar Eid (Eid-ul Ajaha),” he said.

Chief Minister Poudel said the constitution has guaranteed the right of every citizen residing in the country to live a dignified life with the unfettered exercise of their religious, cultural, social, political and economic rights.

“The country has moved ahead on the road to prosperity by terminating the long political instability.

The dream of prosperity can be realized in reality through the sincere efforts, strong commitment and hard work of us all,” he stressed.

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