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Price of gold reaches Rs 99,000 per tola

Published on : 30 July, 2020 6:02 pm

Price of gold today has increased by Rs 500 per tola to stand at Rs 99,000. Chhapawal gold has been traded at Rs 99,000 per tola in the local market. Gold was traded at 98,500 per tola on Wednesday.

Similarly, the price of worked gold is fixed at Rs 98,560 per tola. According to the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers Association, price of silver today has decreased by Rs 20 per tola as compared to Wednesday. The white metal has been traded at 1,225 per tola.

Price of gold continued to increase since June 7 when the yellow metal increased by Rs 10,400 per tola to stand at 87,000 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gold has today been traded at 1962/15 dollar per ounce in the international market against 1901/60 dollar per ounce on Sunday.

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