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Plans of State government are effective and result-oriented: Chief Minister Poudel

Published on : 29 July, 2020 5:07 pm

Chief Minister of Bagmati State Dormani Poudel has said the plans implemented by the State government through the state’s budget have been effective and result-oriented.

The Chief Minister said this in connection with monitoring various plans of the Thaha Municipality in Makawanpur district. The municipality lies in the northern part of the district. He said the development programmes in Thaha Municipality as well have been found to be operating in line with the state government’s plans.

Poudel, who visited Thaha Municipality together with Chief of Bagmati State Bishnu Prasain, observed the Thaha memorial park, the cold storage facility, bus park, the eye treatment centre, among other places in the municipality on the occasion.

In course of the observation, Chief Minister Poudel said the Thaha memorial park will play a significant role in the promotion of tourism as Thaha is a touristic city.

Stating that the municipality has implemented an effective plan regarding tourism promotion, he reiterated support from his side for taking the plan to its completion. He also suggested bringing the ‘Koseli Ghar (Souvenir House)’, which is in the final stages of completion, into operation at the earliest.

He also inspected the bus park construction site at local Thana Bazaar and opined that the bus park construction approach is the centre of learning for others.

The bus park is being constructed with the support of the state government.

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