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Gold price continues to rise

Published on : 28 July, 2020 5:20 pm

The price of gold and silver, which is unstable in the international market due to the COVID-19 pandemic, rose abruptly in the domestic market as well today.

The price of yellow metal went up by Rs 2,400 per tola (11.6 grams) today. Gold was traded for Rs 95 thousand 800 on Friday. The price of hallmark gold touched Rs 98 thousand 200 per tola as soon as the market opened today.

The price of worked gold is fixed at Rs 97 thousand 760 per tola today. According to the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers Association, the price of silver has also gone up compared to its price on last Friday. The price of silver is Rs 1,245 per tola today.

The price of gold had increased by Rs 10 thousand 400 per tola and reached Rs 87 thousand since the imposition of lockdown on March 24. Gold and silver price has been climbing since then.

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