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Nepalis’ death from COVID-19 reaches 161

Published on : 26 July, 2020 5:47 pm

One more Nepali died of coronavirus this week abroad. According to Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Health Committee, the death is from the United Kingdom.

Similarly, till Saturday evening, the number of Nepalis losing battle to the COVID-19 has reached 161. As Committee coordinator Dr Sanjib Sapkota said, 29,243 Nepalis out of 31,150 infected ones got recovery. Those infected ones were from 36 countries.

It means over 93 percent infected (Nepali) have overcome the virus. The NRNA further shared that the infection rate among the Nepalis in African countries has increased this week compared to the previous week. Similarly, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arab, report the growing infections on Nepali.

The Committee has prepared a special guideline suggesting health safety measures to be taken while being in public places and using vehicles. It has suggested the mandatory use of face mask in public areas.

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