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Flood survivors facing food crisis

Published on : 26 July, 2020 6:58 am

The flood and landslide survivors of the district are facing food crisis. The crisis has been a result of the lack of transportation stopped due to obstruction on the 26-kilometer section of the road from Bahrabise to Tatopani transit point.

People in Jambu, Khagdal and other regions of Bahrabise municipality and Chaku, Hindi and Liping of Bhotekoshi rural municipality having been suffering after a bridge was swept away by flood water on July 9. Due to lack of bridge connecting Bahrabise and Bhotekoshi, people are forced to walk for hours to manage food.

Likewise, Maneswara of Bahrabise municipality and all the five wards of Bhotkoshi rural municipality are facing food scarcity. The locals here are now dependent on food ration from from local government and administration.

We will soon be receiving 40 metric ton of food supplies meant for the flood survivors from neighbouring China, said Chief District Officer Umesh Kumar Dhakal. As per the communication with authorities of Nyalam district of China, the food support will arrived within a week.

This is expected to address to some extent the problems of food crisis and scarcity in the affected areas.

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