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Narayani River poses threat of inundation in Nawalpur

Published on : 19 July, 2020 5:56 pm

Swollen Narayani River has become aggressive, intensifying soil erosion at Ratanpur of Madhyabindu-3 in Nawalpur district. Settlements here are prone to inundation due to erosion.

Nandapur, Sehari, Sitapur, Bhiuran, Tamaspur, Baruwa and Bhadara including Ratanpur have come under the constant risk of erosion which has become more intense for the past few days.

Narayani River Control Committee Chair Shiba Neupane said works to control the river have begun and budget of Rs 6.5 million ( Rs 3 million by the federal government, 2 million by the State and Rs 1.5 million by the local government) has been allocated to undertake control efforts.

”We are trying to avoid the disaster by placing big rocks along the riverbank as it currently seems impossible to go for other physical methods to control the river,” he said. Inspecting the affected site, federal parliament member Tilak Mahat pledged to seek a long-term solution to the recurring issue.

”Our priority for the hour is to avoid untoward consequences,” he said, adding that additional budget would be ensured to take further preventive measures. It is said a large area of arable land is at high risk of desertification in Nawalpur.

The river has changed its natural course at Durgithor of Amartari to flow towards Nawalpur and is slowly making a wider way towards settlement. Restoration of the river to its original route is considered as a long-term response to the disaster risk. —–

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