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Surge in rape cases in Dang during lockdown

Published on : 17 July, 2020 6:01 pm

Rape cases have been found to have increased during the lockdown in Dang district. The Informal Sector Services Centre (INSEC) Dang said that 32 incidents of rape were reported in a period of three months 20 days. INSEC Dang stated this in a report it made pubic on Thursday.

INSEC’s district representative JN Sagar said 40 women have become the victims of rape and attempt to rape during this period. According to the report, 42 incidents of rape and attempted rape had taken place in Dang district in the first six months of 2019.

It is stated that 35 persons were arbitrarily arrested in the last six months in the district.

Similarly, nine cases of intimidation and physical assault, five incidents related to abuse, four incidents of arson attack on property, three incidents each of under-age marriage and vandalism, two incidents each of incitement to suicide and one incident each of murder, accusation of witchery, expelling from home and caste discrimination were reported in the district in the last six months.

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