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155 people killed, 52 missing in disasters in three months

Published on : 17 July, 2020 6:02 pm

One hundred and fifty five people have died and 53 people are unaccounted for in the incidents of disaster that occurred in various districts of the country over the last three months, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) said.

NDRRMA chief executive officer Anil Pokharel said a total 249 people sustained injuries due to disasters. He added that works related to rescue, relief distribution, search for the missing persons and rehabilitation are going on at present.

The casualties have mainly resulted from flood, landslide and lightning. The most casualties are caused by flooding. As per the data shared by NDRRMA, 102 people have died and 46 have gone missing in landslide related incidents. A total 85 people have sustained injuries. Similarly, six people have lost life and as many people have gone missing due to flood, 47 people have been killed and 161 have been injured due to lightning. The highest number of incidents of landslide have taken place after June 13. The monsoon became active since that day.

NDRRMA said a total 102 people have died, 51 are unaccounted for and 128 have sustained injuries in about one month’s period till July 16 since the onset of the monsoon. One hundred people have lost their lives to landslide alone during this period. Three people have been killed in incidents of flooding and 17 have died due to lightning.

It stated that this time many people were killed due to landslide that occurred at hitherto unimagined places. Geologist Shiva Kumar Banskota said flood and landslide incidents have increased due to the haphazard construction of roads, poor management of water sources, the land having become weakened by the earthquake and heavy rainfall occurring at a single area.

Monsoon induced disasters have taken place in altogether 60 districts of the country so far and out of these districts, human casualties have taken place in 33 districts. More than 250 incidents of disaster have taken place until now. —

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