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191 incidents of human rights violation in lockdown

Published on : 14 July, 2020 6:13 pm

The Informal Sector Services Centre (INSEC) has recorded 1,119 incidents of human rights violation and excesses during the three months of the lockdown imposed by the government to check the spread of Corona Virus in the country.

A periodic report on the state of human rights in lockdown was released on Monday. The report that covers the period between March 24 to June 24 states that 64 people fell victim to the state side while others committed 1,055 incidents of human rights violation.

During the period, 467 human rights violations were committed against women and 284 against children. The count of inhumane treatment includes 11, five threatening, 112 injury, 12 physical assault, six kidnappings, 31 detention, 72 murder, two torture in police custody and 12 incidents of racial discrimination.

Likewise, during the lockdown, 25 health workers were mistreated. In the report, the INSEC has said that the conduct of the state apparatus during the period was not satisfactory. It has also demanded action against those involved in attack and abuse of health workers and media persons. —

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