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National Vitamin ‘A’ programme kicks off

Published on : 6 July, 2020 5:51 pm

The National Vitamin ‘A’ programme which was suspended due to COVID-19 crisis kicked off today simultaneously across the country. Deworming tablet is also administered to children along with Vitamin ‘A’ capsules during the two-day event, according to Department of Health Services’ Nutrition Section chief Kedar Parajuli.

The second phase of the programme was originally scheduled for Baisakh 6- 7 (April 18-19).

A total of two million 703 thousand 552 children from six to 59 months are to be administered Vitamin ‘A’ capsules and two million 393 thousand152 children from one to five years of age are to be given the deworming tablet today and tomorrow with the help of around 52 thousand health volunteers.

The event is in the regular calendar of the government and the Ministry of Health and Population conducts it twice in a year: Kattik 2 and 3 in the Nepali calendar( first phase) and Baisakh 6 and 7 (second phase).

Besides, a micro-nutrient supplement named Balvita is given to children from six to 23 months during the campaign.

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