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Prosperity possible in spirit of people’s multi-party democracy: CM Poudel

Published on : 28 June, 2020 9:04 am

Chief Minister of Bagmati State, Dormani Poudel, has said people’s multi-party democracy propounded by Madan Bhandari has taken the communist movement to a new height.

The Chief Minister stated, “People’s multi-party movement has been guiding for social justice, equality and prosperity.” In a message given today on the occasion of 69th birth anniversary of popular leader late Madan Bhandari, he opined that communist movement has been democratized in the spirit of multi-party democracy.

The message reads, “The communist party has been leading the government with around two-third majority as per ‘competitiveness and meritocracy’ policy. It has been making great efforts to fulfill national goal, “Prosperous Nepali, Happy Nepali’.

The multi-party democracy has still been guiding the movement of nation building and prosperity.”

Saying the issues of social justice and people’s rights have been addressed in the constitution and the political stability has been established, CM Poudel further argued that these are achieved due to Madan Bhandari and his ideology.

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