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25 sets of PCR machines being purchased

Published on : 13 June, 2020 5:35 pm

A medical supplier company, With Management, is all prepared to bring 25 sets of PCR machines. The company Chief BK Bhandari shared that with the operation of these machines, PCR could be tested on 12,000 people daily.

The machines can test the swab of 16 persons at once and could give result within an hour. He added that the medical stuffs including PCR machine, RNA test kits, PCR kits, and VTM kits of estimated Rs 300 million would be purchased soon from China.

They arrive in the country within a week, Bhandari added. The COVID-19 test is affected due to limited number of PCR test machines and acute shortage of testing g kits including VTM across the country.

The testing bid will help extend the scope of COVID-19 testing process. The federal government has announced to arrange the PCR test of 15,000 people daily from next week.

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