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Government decides not to conduct Class 10 SEE

Published on : 11 June, 2020 5:03 pm

The government has decided not to administer the Class 10 Secondary Education Examination (SEE) suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday night decided that the National Examination Board will issue the SEE certificate based on the internal evaluation of Class 10 students carried out by the schools. Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel said this examination will be managed as the final examination of secondary education in its present modality in the long run after the Education Act in consonance with the federalism that will be presented in the Federal Parliament is passed.

Although all preparations had been made by publishing the schedule for conducting the SEE for the academic session 2076 BS from March 19, the examination was suspended in view of the risk of coronavirus pandemic. The SEE was suspended as per the decision of the high-level coordination committee for prevention and control of COVID-19 on March 18.

The government announced the decision to impose the lockdown throughout the country from March 24. Education Minister Pokharel said there is no situation of conducting the SEE in near future as education institutions across the country are closed, quarantine has been set up at several schools and it was not possible to administer the examination like in the past by setting up examination centres at schools amidst the risk of coronavirus pandemic at present.

He added that the Council of Ministers made this decision considering continuation of the studies of students and realisation of its responsibility to ensure them opportunity for their higher level studies.

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