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Narayan municipality having hard time responding to COVID-19

Published on : 27 May, 2020 6:11 am

The Narayan Municipality in Dailekh district is faced with two pressing problems simultaneously.

On the one hand, it has the challenge managing the citizens of its own 11 wards while on the other hand it is unable to handle the situation after the trend of many people of Naumule, Bhagawatimai, Bhairabi, Dullu and other local levels of the district coming to the municipality increased. Mayor Ratna Bahadur Khadka said the people suspected of coronavirus infection coming from other local levels of the district are brought to the Narayan Campus quarantine.

“The quarantine is overcrowded with about a hundred people from other local levels coming to the quarantine. We are facing difficulty managing it due to the sheer number of people,” he expressed his desperation.

According to him, the municipality has been providing food and accommodation to the people brought from other local levels as well as they were fellow citizens of the same district despite of various problems.

He said the health teams of the municipality and the district have been mobilised turn by turn for providing health care services to the people staying in the municipality’s only quarantine.

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