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36 COVID-19 patients recovered so far

Published on : 15 May, 2020 6:04 pm

One more patient of COVID-19 recovered on Friday and returned home from the hospital, the Health and Population Ministry’s official said in a regular press briefing this afternoon. With this, the total number of people getting recovered from the disease has reached 36.

Ministry’s Spokesperson Dr Bikash Devkota said that 25-year-old man from Udayapur district returned home today after 27 days of stay at Koshi Hospital with the coronavirus infection. Likewise, the Ministry said that so far 23,914 individuals were tested through PRC methods while 63,085 from RDT.

Similarly, Dr Devkota shared that the number of people living under quarantine reached 15,683 and 268 are in isolation. As per the reports, 363 individuals are categorized being in red zone. On Friday itself, nine persons were tested positive for coronavirus: a 37-year-old man from Makawanpur district and eight men from Banke district belonging to 18 to 36 year age group.

With this, total number of coronavirus infected reached 258 including 48 women, the Ministry’s Spokesperson said.

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