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Govt aware of Lipulek issue: Foreign Minister Gyawali

Published on : 8 May, 2020 6:04 pm

Kathmandu. After the news on unilateral construction of a new link road by India to connect Mansarobar of Tibet, China, via Kalapani Lipulek area which falls in Nepali territory, the border dispute has surfaced between Nepal and India again.

Defense Minister of India Rajnath Singh mentioned on Twitter on Friday that the newly constructed link road easies pilgrims to reach Manosarobar, a famous Hindu site in Tibet, an autonomous region of China.

Responding to the query of the National News Agency (RSS) on it, Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Gyawali said the government was informed via different media over the issue and detailed information in it were sought from the government of India via Indian Embassy.

He added that the Nepal government will make official remark on the issue after receiving details from Indian sides, adding that the government was always alert on Lipulek and Kalapani issues.

Earlier, the border dispute was surfaced after India unilaterally unveiled its political map incorporating Nepali territory on it.

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