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Eight more COVID-19 patients to be discharged

Published on : 7 May, 2020 5:14 pm

Kathmandu. Two days after the discharge of six COVID-19 patients from the COVID-19 Hospital of State-1, eight new patients will be discharged tomorrow, said Dr. Sangita Mishra, the Medical Superintendant of Koshi Zonal Hospital. ”The two consecutive Polymerase Chain Reaction test of eight patients have tested negative”, shared Dr. Mishra who oversees the newly built 50-bed COVID-19 Special Hospital of Biratnagar.

She added, ”This will decrease our global pandemic patients from its peak of 31 to 17 by Friday.” On Wednesday, six COVID-19 patients were discharged from the only COVID-19 Hospital of state-1. Out of first discovered 12 patients from Triyuga Municipality-3, Bhulke of Udayapur district, six were discharged after 19 days of treatment at Biratnagar, the state capital.

They tested positive both on Rapid Diagnostic Test and Polymerase Chain Reaction test on April 17. According to Dr. Sangita Mishra, , discharged patients are Anush Jaidi, 30, Mohummad Javed ,29, Mohummad Ajiz, 29, Mohummad Ahmad Saheb ,21, Mohummad Ajirwan, 34, and Mohummad Rashid , 26. All of them are Indian nationals. Dr, Mishra said they are quarantined at a mosque in Biratnagar.

In the mosque, a specific quarantine centre has been prepared with separate 10 toilets, informed , informed Dhruba Subedi, the press advisor to Chief Minister of state 1 Sherdhan Rai. Meanwhile, a total of 1,789 PCR tests have been carried out in the state until Thursday. Likewise, Subedi said 6,831 people have undergone Rapid Diagnostic Test.

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