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CM Poudel highlights need of securing workers’ future

Published on : 1 May, 2020 5:51 pm

Bagmati state chief minister Dormani Poudel has underlined the need of securing the future of workers having their significant contribution to the society and nation.

In his message of best wishes on the occasion of May Day today, the chief minister said it was the state responsibility to ensure life security of workers mainly in later phase. ”The Social Security Scheme implemented by the incumbent government aims to secure the future of workers.” He went on to say that distribution of relief assistance is underway in the State targeting workers facing troubles due to lockdown against COVID-19.

The government is committed to fully addressing the hunger issue possible during lockdown.” According to him, preparations are on to resume the operation of factories and industries by maintaining social and physical distancing. Workers can get back to work soon. ”May this Day inspire all to secure and promote the rights of workers,” he said.

Meanwhile, while talking, Bagmati state minister for land management, agriculture and cooperatives Dawa Dorje has called on the people to engage in agricultural activities. As he said, there is possibility of significant drop in import of agricultural products during and after the crisis and it would be better to take a timely step to make the country self-sufficient on food production

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