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33 NRNs die in UK so far

Published on : 26 April, 2020 2:54 pm

So far 33 Non-resident Nepalis have succumbed to the Corona Virus in the United Kingdom. This includes three women. The Nepali Embassy in London has received reports of 31 Nepalis falling victim to COVID-19.

Apart from the Embassy the Gorkha Welfare Trust is also maintain a separate record, said spokesperson of the Embassy Sharad Raj Aran. However, news reports, the Trust and Embassy put the toll to 33 or more.

The Trust maintains records of only the ex-Gurkha army personnel which could lead to a variation in the number of deaths, said officer at the trust Gyari Ghale. The number of deaths to be still higher, as the families who suffer deaths may not inform the media.

Furthermore, the hospital management do not make the death public without the consent of the concerned families.

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