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Quarantined people from three countries test negative

Published on : 20 April, 2020 4:54 pm

Result of Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) of all quarantined people of Itahari have tested negative. According to Ram Charan Chaudhary, the health section chief at the Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City, all 58 members of the quarantine tested negative.

”We conducted RDT on all members of quarantine including 36 Indian and seven Pakistani nationals”, shared Chaudhary adding, ”All results came out to be negative.” Itahari sub metropolis has constructed the 100-bed quarantine at Janata Multiple Campus of Itahari-5.

Four health professionals including two Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM), a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) as well as a Health Assistant (HA) are assigned to look after quarantined people. The quarantine was set up on March 24, the first of its kind in Nepal’s nationwide lockdown.

On the different note, Itahari has run RDT, starting from April 14, to all 110 migrant workers returned from abroad and all results of which turned out to be negative. ”RDT is not the final indication about whether a person carries the COVID-19.

That’s why we have urged them to inform us as soon as possible after they showing symptoms of the killer disease”, said Ram Kumar Dhamala, the Emergency Department Head of the 15-bed Itahari Hospital, the only government-owned hospital in the city of 200 thousand plus population.

Laxmi Gautam, the deputy mayor of Itahari, said all Nepali would go to their home once they are tested negative. Gautam, however said, Indians and Pakistanis, would be sent to their respective countries after a decision of federal government. ”Until then we would manage their meals and accommodation at the quarantine itself”, added Gautam.

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