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Worldwide 28 Nepalis killed, more than thousand infected by COVID-19

Published on : 19 April, 2020 5:37 pm

As of Saturday, the number of Non-resident Nepalis (NRNs) who died of Corona Virus has reached 28. According to the data collected by the Non-resident Nepalis Association, 17 died in the UK, eight in the US, two in the UAE and one in Ireland.

The NRNA has formed a high-level committee led by its chair Kumar Pant to address the concerns of NRNs in this global pandemic. So far, 1,166 NRNs in 21 countries are reported to have been infected with COVID-19, according to the NRNA Health Sub-committee coordinator Dr Sanjeev Sapkota.

The highest number of infections is reported to be in the US with around 700, followed by 200 in the UK, 71 in the UAE, 22 each in Ireland and Portugal, 21 in Kuwait, 11 in Australia, 10 in Spain, five in Switzerland, four each in Germany, Belgium and Saudi Arabia, three each in Canada and Malaysia, two in Malta and one each in France, Japan, Myanmar and Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the NRNA has mobilized its country chapters to support the families who have lost members to Corona Virus.

As of Thursday, relief support was provided to more than 10,000 Corona Virus affected persons in more than two dozen countries, NRNA president Pant said.

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