Saturday 13th April 2024

All ambulances should be brought under govt management: CM Poudel

Published on : 17 April, 2020 6:22 pm

Chief Minister of Bagmati State, Dormani Poudel, has directed the bodies concerned to bring all ambulances operated in the State under the State government management.

In a meeting of State level COVID-19 crisis management committee on Friday, CM Poudel opined that the command post in each district should bring the ambulances under their management and run as per the need in this critical hour.

Ambulances should be run even by the government- managed drivers if any ambulance owners and drivers deny operating in this dire need, Poudel said. He also underscored the need for continuation of farming and other production works maintaining the social distance.

The CM also urged the local levels to manage food and shelters to the stranded workers who were heading towards home from cities in the wake of crises.

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