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Drought-hit farmers provided maize seeds free of cost

Published on : 15 April, 2020 5:34 pm

Farmers hit by the last year’s drought in the district have begun to receive maize seeds as compensation. Farmers at two local levels: Halesi Tuwachung and Khotehang rural municipality in the district of State 1 could not cultivate maize crops due to the prolonged drought which led to the total ruin of even grown up nursery plants.

Farmers were unable to conserve corn seeds due to adverse weather. Haleshi Tuwachung municipality mayor Iwan Rai said the municipality brought maize seeds from outside and was distributed to the affected farmers who are getting four kilos each family. The distribution is free. Maize is the major crops in the district.

The imported seeds are suitable to the district soil and atmosphere, it is said. The maize crops was completely destroyed with the dearth of rainfall at all 11 wards of Halesi Tuwachung Bahunidanda, Dikuwa, Chyamistar, Badahare, Mangaltaar, Durchhin, Salle, Rajapani and Arkhaule . It may be noted that Halesi Tuwachung was declared the dry-hit area in 2068 BS and it had suffered the third longest drought since 2018 and 2034 BS, according to locals.

The loss subsequently caused food shortage here. Similarly, in Khotehang rural municipality, the local government has already provided 800 kilos of maize seeds to the affected farmers on 75 percent subsidy. Most local levels in this eastern hilly district are beginning to see a food shortage as the drought had its large impact on the crops.

It said most youths in the district have reached India as daily wage earners so as to support the family needs. They have been stuck in India due to lockdown against the global pandemic of coronavirus now. Meanwhile, the local levels are distributing food stuff to the daily wage earners who are out of work since the lockddown. ——-

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