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Crisis recovery will sure to come-PM Oli

Published on : 7 April, 2020 5:04 pm

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has urged one and all to stay safe wherever they are during a crisis caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, expressing his hope that the crisis recovery was sure to come.

In his address to the nation this morning, the Prime Minister said the country had waged a war against COVID-19 and the higher risks of the contagion were still pervading through the number of confirmed cases had been limited to just nine since the detection of the first case. ”It is obvious that we are finding so hard to fight against the pandemic when the developed, resource-rich and wealthy nations with robust health care systems are facing the same”, he said adding the biggest challenge of the hour was to ensure the supplies of medical equipments.

”No matter is important than saving the lives of citizens. The regular procedures meant for normal times are not sufficient to tackle the prevailing abnormal situation. Bearing this in mind, special provisions have been made for the smooth suply of medical appliances”, he said. He went on to say that the protection of the entire human beings and human civilization was the foremost priority of the globe and the fight against COVID-19 was our collective battle.

“It should be therefore realized that every member in the society was a combatant in this battle to defeat the virus”. Saying that COVID-19 has entered into the second state in the country, the PM urged one and all to remain more aware and cautious. Asking all foreign returnees to stay under quarantines, PM Oli said that worrying situation is created as some of them have paid no heed to the request and arrangements for staying in quarantine. In the context of curbing corruption, the PM reaffirmed the government’s commitment and added that misinformation could not weaken the government’s firm commitment.

The incumbent government will not hesitate to take actions if any cases of irregularities and corruption were surfaced. “My sufficient attention is drawn to the media reports and criticisms, comments and recommendations coming in the social networking sites.

The publicity drives advanced to meet petty self-interests and portray the government failure despite getting united in the time of national and global crisis is tantamount to unseasoned celebration and such trends can never be entertained,” the PM said.

Likewise, PM Oli said that robust national unity between the government and people, political parties, state and all apparatus of the societies was the precondition to get victory over the pandemic. The PM said that he has taken a common resolution motion of the parliament, all-party consensus and statements of commitment from different political parties including that of main opposition as the national strength. PM Oli has also expressed his assurance for the continued cooperation and unity from all in the days to come. –

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