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Tokha municipality establishes Rs 25 million fund to combat COVID-19

Published on : 4 April, 2020 4:46 pm

Tokha municipality in the northern belt of Kathmandu Valley has set up Rs 25-million fund to fight COVID-19. The municipality executive committee meeting on Friday decided to establish the fund in view of the potential risk of coronavirus infection.

As said by municipality mayor Prakash Adhikari, the fund is meant for the prevention, containment and treatment of COVID-19. Any individual or organisation wishing to contribute to the fund are heartily welcomed, it is said. Besides, the meeting decided to distribute relief assistance following the set criteria through the ward-level.

As per the criteria set by the municipality, a family with more than three members will get 30 kilos of rice, three kilos of pulses, two packets of iodised salt, two liters of edible oil, four packets of detergent soaps, and two kilos of sugar and a family with less than three members will be given half in quantity.

More, the municipality has decided to halt the celebrations of local cultural festival bearing in the mind the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees mobilised in spraying disinfectant for the control of virus within the municipality have been granted 200 percent incentive of their monthly scale.

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