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Panauti municipality establishes food bank to cope with COVID-19 crisis

Published on : 4 April, 2020 4:44 pm

Panauti municipality in Kavrepalanchowk has established a ‘food bank’ targeting vulnerable communities during the nationwide lockdown amidst the heightened risk of COVID-19. The process to distribute foodstuffs collected in the bank to the needy has begun today, according to mayor Bheem Neupane.

“The indigent families identified by all wards in the municipality are the beneficiaries of the first phase of food distribution,” he said. A total of 130 families identified as the indigent ones will be getting foodstuff meant for meeting the requirement for a week along with medical support available in the bank.

The second-phase food distribution will cover workers involved in road construction, irrigation and drinking water projects and their data is being collected at the ward level. The process is expected to complete by this evening, it is said. Perhaps the distribution will begin from tomorrow, targeting around 1,000 manual workers.

The local government decided to launch the phase wise food distribution for the systemic supplies. The quantity of assistance package depends on the family size. It includes 10 kilos of rice, and pulse, potatoes, grains, edible oil, turmeric powder, onion, garlic, instant noodles, biscuit, soap, sugar, tea dust packet, beaten rice and dry snack to a family having up to four members.

The municipality has implemented a one-meter distance rule to practice social distancing during the distribution, said food bank management committee coordinator and municipality senior administrative officer Indra Prasad Adhikari. Various organisations have been contributing to the bank.

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