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President Bhandari asks country people to support govt fight against COVID-19

Published on : 3 April, 2020 4:35 pm

President Bidya Devi Bhandari has urged Nepali brothers and sisters to extend their supports to the initiatives taken by the government for the prevention, control and treatment of the COVID-19. President Bhandari also called all to realize the seriousness of the coronavirus instead of getting swayed by the sentiment.

In a message issued this evening in the name of country people, the President has expressed her belief that our restraint can safeguard the entire society and the nation from coronavirus, while stating that attention should be paid in all its aspects to be safe from this pandemic. The government has issued the lockdown order with an aim to contain the situation from being out of control and by keeping the public health in priority, the President said and cautioned the public to pay heed to their health since the infection could spread in absence of precautions.

Though Nepal is not free from this pandemic as almost all the countries are affected from the COVID-19, President Bhandari said that Nepal does not have the domestic cases but imported from foreign returnees and they are receiving treatment meaning that the government policies and steps are effective to prevent the coronavirus from further spreading. Stay at home President Bhandari has urged all to stay at home despite having difficulties caused by the ongoing lockdown. It was a time to save the life of oneself, families, and societies and for the whole nation. The epidemic can be prevented if social distance is maintained, stay at home enforced well. President has further urged the Nepalis in the home and abroad to be tolerant maintaining the required alertness during the critical hour of epidemic.

She has also extended thanks to the friendly countries for their support to fight against the possible epidemic of COVID-19. The President has also extended thanks to the international communities and institutions for their support and their proposal of support in this critical hour. The ongoing lockdown has also affected the national economy with negative impact in industry and employment. The daily wage earners are adversely affected and the government has announced the relief package to them, President said. High regard for those working round the clock President Bhandari said she highly regarded the government of Nepal, State governments, local levels, all security agencies and health workers who are working round-the-clock during this pandemic.

She also extended her gratitude to all those who worked consistently during this crisis. Although prevention of disease was our utmost priority, the cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the country. The President commended all those health workers working in the forefront at such a risky time. “The State is with you and so is the best wishes from all the Nepalis,” she said.

We’ll win war against coronavirus Stating that the whole world has been a battleground for the war against the coronavirus, the Head of the State said she was very confident that the human race would emerge a winner in this war against the deadly virus. She also extended her best wishes to all the COVID-19-infected Nepalis sisters and brothers for their speedy recovery. So far, six cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the country while Nepalis in various countries abroad such as Australia, Portugal, USA among other countries were reported to have contracted this infection.

The Head of the State urged all the political parties, business fraternity, media persons, experts and local communities to contribute to their level best in the fight against COVID-19. “I am confident that we will certainly win this war against COVID-19 if we move forward in unison.”

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