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COVID-19 test starting from Hetauda from today: Chief Minister Poudel

Published on : 2 April, 2020 3:18 pm

Bagmati State Government Chief Minister, Dormani Poudel, has said the tests for COVID-19 would be done in the state capital, Hetauda, itself from today. In a message on the occasion of the State Government’s starting the coronavirus tests in Hetauda from today, he said all preparations for the same have been completed at the Vector-Borne Diseases Research and Training Centre’s laboratory.

According to him, the test would be initiated by testing a sample of swab collected from a patient at the laboratory at 10am today. He said all the equipment and human resources required for the lab have arrived in Hetauda.

The task of installing the machines at the lab has also been completed The lab can conduct tests on maximum 75 samples every day. Chief Minister Poudel stated in his message that the spread of the deadly coronavirus has been checked in the country although its infection has already entered the country, thanks to the far-sighted steps and effective measures taken by the Government of Nepal.

The whole world is gripped by the fear of COVID-19 at present, he added. “We are confident that all the coronavirus-infected people in the country will get well and return to their home within some days and we would be able to contain COVID-19 within the territory of Nepal,” the Chief Minister reiterated.

He also thanked the doctors, health workers, health technicians, security personnel and employees of various government bodies who are working day and night in the prevention and control of COVID-19. Chief Minister Poudel also urged the people to be alert in this time of crisis.

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