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Tarakeswor’s historical heritages in shade

Published on : 10 March, 2020 5:45 am

The religious, historical, touristic and cultural heritages of Tarakeswor municipality have been relegated to backburner for no adequate publicity. Some of the heritages here are said to be on the verge of disappearance.

The living historical heritages have been ignored due to lack of wider publicity, shared Tarakeswor mayor Rameswor Bohora. He said the municipality now has laid high emphasis on the conservation of heritages within the municipal territory. Among the key heritages of the municipality are Tarakeswor Mahadev, Manamainju, Panchmane (a holy site of five Buddhas), Bhuwaneswori and Dharmasthali Mahakal.

The Tarakeswor Mahadev Temple which is also associated to the name of the municipality has come in the state of disappearance owing to lack of conservation and publicity efforts. The temple is considered to be a shrine of Hindu religious people. The iron-made ladder on the way to the temple has also come to the sorry state of affairs.

The 2015 earthquake had also caused damages to the physical structures here including huts of saints. Consequently, the civilization of Tarakeswor has come in to relegation. Likewise, the historical Jeetfurfedi located at the central part of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is linked with Nuwakot’s Okharpauwa. Once upon a time, the area was popular as a key trade transit. Now there is nothing but to recall the historical legacy of the place. Hiramani Subedi, chief administrative officer of Tarakeswor municipality, said proper publicity of the historical heritage could have developed the place as an attractive tourism destination.

Buwaneswori is an important temple situated in the northern part of historical Panchmane Bhanjyang at Tarakeswor municiplaity-3. The temple is popular from natural, environmental and tourism viewpoints. The temple has high religious tourism potentials to bring good name to the municipality.

The Tarakeswor municipality which is located in the northern-west also has a big peace park. Located at high altitude in Tarakeswor municiplaity-2, Kavresthali, one can enjoy the panoramic sight-seeing of entire Kathmandu Valley. The big peace park, newly-constructed at Kavresthali, can also be taken as a spectacular religious and touristic heritage.

Stakeholders said that the conservation and wider publicity of such heritages would contribute to the promotion of tourism.

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