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Water from Rapti river to quench thirst of Nepalgunj city

Published on : 5 March, 2020 10:17 am

A project to bring water from the Rapti river has been implemented in Nepalgunj to address the acute shortage of water in the sub-metropolis. The project is expected to solve the drinking water problem in the city in a sustainable manner to meet the growing demand.

Site engineer with the Nepal Water Supply Corporation Nepalgunj Office, Sangeeta Thapa, said works on installation of the intake and laying the pipes have been forwarded under the plan. The project is from 20 years back. It could not be initiated fully due to budget crunch that time and it was revived last fiscal year.

Although the project was to be completed in the fiscal year 2018/2019, it could not be completed and the project term was extended by two years. The first phase of the project is estimated to cost around Rs 180 million. Under the project, 16,817 metres long pipeline will be installed from Sindhaniyaghat, Kamdi of Duduwa rural municipality-4 up to Nepalgunj to supply water from the Rapti river.

Around 24,471 households would be benefited from the project. At present water is being supplied to the city from 420,000 litres capacity overhead tank at Karkando and another overhead tank with a capacity of 450,000 litres located near Bageshwari temple.

Thapa said around 4,500 households here have fitted taps in the city. The daily demand for water is 3.5 million litres.

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