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Official guidelines for Tootle, Pathao service still awaited

Published on : 1 March, 2020 8:12 am

Official guidelines for the operation of transport service run by the private sector are yet to be issued.

The users of Tootle and Pathao’s ride sharing service in the Kathmandu Valley is on the rise while there is no rule to look after transport services being provided by using private number plate vehicles (two wheelers).

According to the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, discussions are underway at the Ministry to incorporate the Tootle and Pathao services in a bill relating to transport management presented earlier by the Department of Transport Management.

As said by Ministry Spokesperson, no substantive decision to this regard has been made yet. The Transport Management Act-2048 BS has prohibited private vehicles from carrying passengers. Though the government earlier had decided to stop these services, it moved back from its decision owing to growing public concerns. Prime Minister KP Sharma had taken intervention not to implement the decision.

The Department three months ago had issued a notice, asking the service providers to halt the services. Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Basanta Kumar Nembang had in the past directed the Department to come up work procedures/guidelines to operate the services.

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