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Bagmati state chief minister complains of workforce shortage

Published on : 28 February, 2020 9:12 am

Bagmati State chief minister Dormani Poudel has said the ste government was facing problems carrying out its works for dearth of employees. The chief minister said this while addressing a workshop seminar on inter-state Public Service Commission here on Thursday.

Chief Minister Poudel said the state governments were facing problem to carry out their functions as the federal government has not brought the Civil Service Act. He suggested that all the seven State Governments should formulate a uniform State Civil Service Act after consultations. The Chief Minister also stated that nobody has so far raised questions over the workings of the Public Service Commission when the functioning of several other institutions is under criticism.

“The State Civil Service Commission should keep intact this credibility and dignity of the PSC,” he added. Speaker of the Bagmati State Assembly, Sanu Kumar Shrestha said the State Public Service Commission should select employees who are up-to-date with the technology and workings of the modern age.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya spoke on the need of implementing an objective and efficient evaluation system in the civil service for employees’ promotion and performance evaluation.

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