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Rain with thunderstorm forecast

Published on : 26 February, 2020 10:09 am

The weather across the country would be partly to fully cloudy today due to the influence of westerly low pressure wind as well there is possibility of rain with thunderstorm at some places, according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division. Meteorologist Samir Shrestha said that the skies has remained cloudy and rain is taking place in the country following low pressure wind system and impact of westerly wind.

“The impact of the westerly wind will be decreased gradually from Thursday”, he added. Though the sky in Kathmandu Valley would remain clear this afternoon, the rainfall has been predicted in the evening. According to the Division, the skies of western part of the country would be cloudy and weather of the remaining areas would be clear in general on Thursday.

Similarly, the weather in hilly areas of the country would remain partly cloudy while other parts would be clear on Friday. As per the latest details of the Division, today’s minimum temperature of Kathmandu Valley is 6.7 degree Celsius and maximum temperature 22.0 degree Celsius.

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