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PM Oli, a personality with unprecedented abilities

Published on : 23 February, 2020 8:43 am

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is an individual with unprecedented abilities to draw out positive results from adversities, says Chief Minister of Bagmati State Dormani Poudel. In a message of best wishes today on the occasion of the 69th birthday of Prime Minister Oli, Chief Minister Poudel has wished the Prime Minister good health, continuous activism and long-life.

Stating that the Prime Minister and NCP Chair has been able to defeat his adverse health condition due to profound self-confidence, the Chief Minister has in the message also praised the role played by leader Oli in building the foundation for national unity and prosperous Nepal.

“All the three levels of government are committed to becoming accountable towards the people in realizing under your leadership the national aspiration of ‘Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepalis’,” reads the message.

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